Miki  Hasegawa

 Miki Hasegawa, born in 1973 in Fukuoka, Japan, lives and works in Kanagawa.
She earned her B.A. degree in Human Environmental Science and in Design from Showa Women’s University, After working as an architect for several years, she started working as a professional photographer. 

She was one of the 100 chosen for the 2014 the Review Santa Fe.

Her work, "Jewels", was selected as one of the LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014 Top 50, and received high acclaim. Hasegawa's first handmade book, "The Path Of Million Pens" has been selected as one of the finalist of 2014 Unseen Dummy Award. and  received high praise throughout the world, being selected for various global photography collection fairs. 

In 2019, she published "Internal Notebook", a photo book about child abuse, by an Italian publisher "CEIBA editions". 

The book has won awards for photography books at Pictures of the Year International (USA) and The Centro de la Imagen (Peru). 

She is still working on a project on the social issues of children and women in Japan.




長谷川 美祈




彼女の作品である“JewelsLensCulture  Emerging Talents 2014  Top 50に選ばれ、高い注目を集めた。

長谷川の初めての手作り本である、”The Path Of Million Pens”2014年のUnseen Dummy Awardのファイナリスト、世界中の写真集関係のフェアなどにも選出されるなど、世界中で評価を得ている。

2019年日本の児童虐待をテーマにした写真集「Internal Notebook」をCEIBA editions(イタリア)から刊行。Pictures of the Year International(アメリカ)やThe Centro de la Imagen (ペルー)で写真集賞を受賞した。現在も日本における子どもや女性の社会問題をテーマにプロジェクトを継続中である。





          by Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doelen, Yumi Goto,

          Remainders Photography Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014 : Photobook Making Workshop "Staples and Stiches",
          by Jan Rosseel and Yumi Goto,
          Remainders Photography Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013 : Editting workshop "The Final Choice"
           by Eliseo Barbara and Yumi Goto,Tokyo

2013 : "Rising Sun" Workshop by Marc Prust, Japan

1997 : BA,Human Environmental Science and in Design,
           Showa Women's University, Japan




2021: Solo Exhibition “YOU AND ME everyday everywhere everytime”,

          Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo Japan, Curated by Yomi Goto

2018: Athens Photo Festival Main Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens
Solo Exhibition “Internal Notebook”,

          Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo Japan, Curated by Yomi Goto
2016: Lianzhou Foto 2016
2015: Athens Photo Festival The PhotoBook Exhibition,
          Benaki Museum, Athens

2015: Photobook Bristol, UK
2015 : Photo Book 2014, Griffin Museum, Winchester MA, USA
2015 : Chobi Mela International Festival Of Photography Bangladesh,
   "She's There" - Curated Slideshow
          by Eliseo Barbàra Goethe-Institut, Bangladesh

2014 : Photo Book 2014, The Best Of Show  Davis Orton Gallery,
           NY, USA

2014 : LensCulture Emerging Talents Exhibition  Barcelona, Spain
2014 : Seoul Lunar Photo Fest, Lunar Photo Night,
           Curated Slideshow by Song Sujong, Seoul, Korea
2014 : The PhotoBook Museum, Germany
2014 : Filter Photo festival 2014, Chicago, IL, USA
2014 : INFOCUS Juried Exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks,
           Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, USA
2014 : The photobook-making workshop,
           with esteemed photographer Jan Rosseel
           and curator Yumi Goto,Reminders Photography Stronghold,
           Tokyo, Japan

2014 : "Portfolio Showcase Vol. 7",

            The Center for Fine Art Photography
            Juror, Alexa Becker, CO, USA



2021 : Shortlisted "Lucie Photobook Prize 2021",Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles, USA
2021 : Winner of the 3rd prize, "
ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM photobook award 2021", Portugal

2019 : Winner, POY77 picture of the year 2019 PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK OF THE YEAR 

2019 : Winner, Centro de la Imagen Photobook Award, "TINTA", Lima, Peru
2019 : Shortlisted "PRIX PHOTO - TETE 2019", France 
2017 : Awarded with the special mention of  Unseen Photo Fair Dummy Award, Amsterdam
2017 : Best Publication Award, 第七届大理国际影会 / THE 7TH DALI INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION, China
2017 : Awarded with the special mention of the Photoboox Award 2017 from Photolux Festival.
2017 : Shortlisted DUMMY AWARD KASSEL, Kassel Germany
2015 : Shortlisted “Athens Photo Festival” main Exhibition

2015 : Shortlisted “Athens Photo Festival” photobook show
2014 :'s Top ten books in 2014
2014 : Photobook 2014. 20 photobooks, photographs by 4 best of show. Juried by Paula Tognarelli of Griffin Museum of Photography and Karen Davis
2014 : Photolucida Critical Mass 2013 Finalist
2014 : Filter Photo Festival 2014 Photobook Exhibition-Finalist
2014 : INFOCUS Juried Exhibtion of Self-Published 2014 - Finalist
2014 : Shortlisted at Unseen Photo Fair Dummy Award,Amsterdam
2014 : LensCulture  Emerging Talents 2014  Top 50, Paris
2013 : "Portfolio Showcase Vol. 7",

           The Center for Fine Art Photography , Juror, Alexa Becker, CO, USA


Juried Portfolio Reviews

2016 : KYOTOGRAPHIE International Portfolio Review
2015 : Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival, Portfolio Reviews, Kobe, Japan
2014 : Review Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, USA


Selected Press

Pen Magazine International :
British journal of Photography : 
Ones to Watch 2021: Community, Part 1

ELLE France
Bleek Magazine,  Russia
Lens culture, Paris, France
Feature Shoot, USA
TrendHunter, Toronto, Canada
Photoblog HK, China
A Photo Editor, USA
Mutantspace, Ireland
Fraction Magazine Japan Portfolio Issue 15, Japan
Frankie Magazine, Australia
il post, Milano, Italy


Asahi Camera
ELLE China

PHaT PHOTO Magazine




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